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Zofax WebSolutions Company has been known for their highest quality training courses for Web Developers.

Web Design, Web Development, CMS Design, E-Commerce, SEO.

Learn technology like HTML4, HTML5, CSS and JQuery.

Learn technology like ASP.Net, SQL Server with HTML4, HTML5, CSS and JQuery.

Learn to create CMS from scratch with technology like ASP.Net, SQL Server, HTML4, HTML5, CSS and JQuery.

Learn online shopping web development from scratch with technology like ASP.Net, SQL Server, HTML4, HTML5, CSS and JQuery.

Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technics with knowledge and understanding of the workings with different search engines.

Learn technology like SQL and SQL Server to design database structure for your application.

Advanced ASP.NET Web Development And Web Applications Using Visual Studio 2012

ASP.NET With C#, Sql Server 2008, MVC4, JQuery Plugins, CMS Design, E-Commerce, SEO, Google API's, Paypal, Worldpay, Sage pay, Bank Gateway Integration, HTML4/5, CSS3, Responsive Design

Trainee Portfolio

Harix Limited

Harix Limited is a UK base company offer services for private hire, tours and day trips to there customers.

asp.net & sql server & more
Maths Printables

Maths Printable is a kids education website.

asp.net & sql server & more
Calendar Widget

Email Portal for send mail in bulk.

asp.net & sql server & more
Apple Keyboard

Powerful Recruitment System For jobseekers and recruiters. which is provide a full online service for anyone who looking for a new job.

asp.net & Sql server · PayPal and SagePay
Growl Notification

You may have heard about automated trading systems. These computer-based trading applications are set up to automatically buy and sell securities on an exchange.

asp.net & sql server
  • Our Mission
  • Why Choose Us
  • Technology You Learn
  • Placements

To provide in depth learning platform to our students and clients to boost their power and confident towards their career progression.

To offer a service that is unique, flexible and truly delivers a mutual benefit to our graduates, customers and clients. It is our intention to be the BEST in the market place.

To offer the high quality of training and development to our graduates needs now and for the years ahead.

We believe in the best

  • Expect Tutors
  • Indepth Course Structure
  • Self-paced Courses
  • Customized Onsite Training
  • eLearning Resources
  • Structure Materials
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer vast knowledge and understanding to develop students in following technology.

  • HTML 4, 5
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • SQL Server
  • Web Hosting
  • SEO
  • CPP
  • CPC
  • Paypal
  • World Pay
  • Sage Pay

We here in Zofax Websolutions support and help our trainee students to get jobs in the market. We offer top class interview technics and knowledge to our students to compete in the market to get jobs.


The best part of Zofax Websolutions is the tutor indepth knowledge and experience, also the environment that has been provided to me was absolute great. The emphasis that is been provided over training period was excellent towards my life with new goals & opportunities.
It was nice to get trained at Zofax Websolutions, as all the tutors and teaching team was very helpful and supportive . I definitely took right decision taking spend very important time at Zofax Websolutions to take my career forward.
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