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Shantanu Shivalkar

Excellent course delivered by a good consultant who was able to educate this newly formed team and get them ready for real web design world.

Mary Gardia

Really good course content and labs, patient enthusiastic instructor.

Neha Patel

We learnt to use Spring Framework to develop website, excellent course and instructor.

Sushila sahu

Good instructor, with in depth skills...Very relevant practicals allowed me to put theory into practice. excellent teaching and perfect environment.

Niraj shingh

Zofax Websolutions course of asp.net introduction gave me the skills to get started with serious asp.net with c# programming. Good instructor and perfect environment

Ashish Patel

Got some good tips from a highly skilled consultant who shared her knowledge and experience with the class.

Arti Rathod

Excellent course, we were shown how to make better use of available tools and get more meaningful info out of our database.

Prakash Gohil

Having no real knowledge of content management system, Zofax Websolutions made the course very easy to follow with his personal tuition. We would recommend asp.net courses to those who wish to learn about web design and web development.

Shashwat Gami

Brought our team up-to-date with the latest security standards for .NET developers. Essential stuff for anyone involved in developing online payment systems

Hitesh Shah

I found the Zofax Websolutions courses. It is very enjoyable and relaxed teaching style found the material easy to understand and now i have the confidence that i will get good job. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone wanting to take control on E-commerce website.

Arti Rathod

I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in SEO training. Very profitable, even for small marketing.

Sameer Pitroda

This course definitely gets the wheels turning. I would definitely recommend not only to SEO's but to IT/Web Developers for further understanding of how/why SEO is crucial.

Pooja Patel

The training course provided a great, in depth study of how Google works and provided practical instruction on how to ethically improve SEO rankings that were not gimmicks but true best practices.

Roshni Patel

I recommend this class to anyone who searches for REAL knowledge about how to do SEO the RIGHT way! Zofax Websolutions is a class act and a true professional. His knowledge of SEO and workings of the search engines are profound and the classes are very informative and easy to understand.

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