Building Asp.Net Web Applications

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Who should attend :
This course is suitable for professionals who have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, C# and Microsoft SQL Server.
Prerequisite skills :
Basic knowledge of C# Programming
Course Duration :
2 Months

Course Description :

Overview :

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to build dynamic web applications with ASP.NET and Visual Studio. You learn both rapid application development techniques and how to build n-tier web applications with efficient access to databases and sophisticated user interfaces employing data and model binding and data-source controls.

Goals :
  • Build multitier, data-driven HTML5 web applications using ASP.NET and Visual Studio.
  • Design consistent user interfaces with master pages, user controls and Web Form controls.
  • Secure access to the application using Web Forms authentication.
  • Create a more responsive user interface with Ajax and the Web API.
Project :

A real time project.

Course Outline :

1. Introduction to Web Forms

  • Constructing ASP.NET pages with Web Form controls
  • Developing HTML5 web pages with Visual Studio
  • Examining content with Page Inspector

2. Designing Web Forms

  • Applying common Web Form controls
  • Creating consistent layouts with master pages
  • Sharing reusable content with Web User controls

3. Activating Web Forms

  • Handling control events
  • Sending email from a web page
  • Validating user input

4. Developing data-driven applications

  • Connecting to a database with data source controls
  • Binding data sources to Web Form controls
  • Automating data access with GridView, FormView, ListView and DetailsView
  • Utilising code-first Entity Frameworkand LINQ to Entities for data access

5. Modifying data

  • Inserting, updating and deleting with DbContext
  • Managing updates with two-way Model Binding
  • Reporting errors and checking validity with ModelState

6. Creating multitier applications

  • Implementing business logic in the middle tier
  • Encapsulating validation logic with Data Annotations
  • Binding to business objects with ObjectDataSource

7. Managing State in web applications

  • Reading and writing cookies
  • Storing user state in the Session object
  • Leveraging caching for performance and scalability

8. Implementing web security

  • Authenticating users from the Internet
  • Achieving role-based web security
  • Employing the Membership API

9. Creating a richer UI with Ajax extensions

  • Integrating Ajax with existing pages
  • Increasing responsiveness with UpdatePanel
  • Triggering Ajax from outside the UpdatePanel

10. Making custom Ajax requests with jQuery

  • Writing and calling RESTful services with the ASP.NET Web API
  • Leveraging jQuery and jQuery UI for DHTML
  • Working with the $.get() and .ready() methods

11. Creating flexible Web Forms

  • Repackaging existing content for mobile devices
  • Dynamically switching to mobile master pages

12. Improving search engine rankings

  • Simplifying URLs with routing
  • Creating SEO-friendly routes with MapPageRoute

13. Integrating jQuery plugins

  • Adding plugins to Web Form pages
  • Enhancing the UI with the .rate() plugin

14. Leveraging the Geolocation API

  • Finding user location with getCurrentPosition()
  • Calculating distances with DbGeography

15. Deploying ASP.NET Web Applications

  • Packaging for deployment
  • Transforming the web.config for production
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